Photo by  Aubrie Howard

Photo by Aubrie Howard

I love teaching because I love helping people. I see the classroom as a platform for sustained, productive creativity. My most rewarding experiences as an instructor come when students realize they understand something new. In my own educational experiences, this process was incredibly rewarding and I highly appreciated instructors who valued curiosity. In the classroom, I seek to adapt this process to the task at hand.

In hands-on courses that focus on building practical media production aptitudes, I encourage students to find unique capacities to realize their creative vision. I support this process through a framework focused on progression through key steps to final objectives. In the end, students find that they are able to intuit new skills and leverage them to further their own interests.

Lecture courses, while different, have similar opportunities. Instead of using technical tools to process and develop practical skills, students in my lecture courses find opportunities to leverage creative critical thinking processes to develop analytical skills. I focus on the development and sharpening of new faculties to learn and link key concepts. These concepts, in turn, allow students to build a body of critical expertise as well as to lay a robust foundation for the further development of practical skills in their area of inquiry.

I aim for my teaching to be valuable and compelling for the student first and foremost. However, I find that the more I teach, the more I learn about myself and the concepts I engage. And the more I learn, the more I am able to contribute to the learning of others.


Selected Lectures

  • I gave this lecture on audio production in UMaine's CMJ 351 (Multimedia Production) course during the Fall 2013 semester. In it, I covered key audio concepts and gave the students audio field production tips and strategies to use in their projects for the rest of the semester.
  • During the Spring 2014 semester in UMaine's CMJ 237 (Journalism Across Platforms), I delivered a lecture on viral stories and memes in the news. To involve the students in the subject matter in an unique way, I created an engaging presentation using Typeform.

Miscellaneous Teaching Resources