Multimedia Production

Helpful materials and resources that are relevant to multimedia journalism courses or research that relies on media production techniques. Michael Socolow, Theodora Ruhs, and Alison Gerrans contributed to this list.

Video Shooting and Editing

KDMC Berkeley: Video Techniques (tutorial)
Rule of thirds
Types of video shots
Framing camera shots
Cutting on action (tutorial)
Matched action sequence example
KDMC Berkeley: Video Editing in PP (tutorial)
Wikipedia: Continuity editing
Wikipedia: 80-degree rule

Photo Editing

KDMC Berkeley Tutorial on Photoshop (principles hold true for other software)
GIMP or GIMPshop (Photoshop alternatives; Windows, Mac, Linux; free)
Paint.NET (Photoshop alternative; Windows; free)
Pixlr (web-based photo editing software)
Canva (browser-based graphic design & layout software

Audio Editing

Audio Editing: The Basics
Audio Editing: Cutting, Trimming, & Arranging
Audio Editing: Basic Noise Removal
How to use crossfades in Audacity
Audacity help *main user manual for Audacity
Audacity (editor)
TwistedWave (editor, online account required)

Free/Legal Music & Sound Effects

Creative Commons (list: music)
Incompetech (music) (sound effects)
Free Play Music (music)
Free Stock Music (music)
Audionautix (music) (audio; various) (list: various)

Free Use Photos

Unsplash (probably all you need)
Death to the Stock Photo (if you need more)
Creative Commons Search (indexed from various sources)
Typeform: 24 websites (list)

Audio Stories

Third Coast Audio Festival
Sound Portraits
Radiolab (podcast)
Invisibilia (podcast)
NPR (SoundCloud)
CNN Radio (SoundCloud)

General Web Tools

Whois (domain registration lookup)
Flickr Search
WordPress Blog Search

RSS/Feed Readers

Digg Reader
The Old Reader

Helpful categorized list of feed readers

Image Hosting

Interactive Website Supplements

Pannellum (360-degree imagery)
Roundme (360-degree imagery and sound)
Timeline.js (timeline)
Dipity (timeline)
Custom Google Maps
Storify (for collecting tweets, images, etc.)
Datawrapper (data visualization)
Tableau (data visualization)
Ustream (streaming video feed)
Slideshare (shareable slideshow)
Prezi (collaborative, interactive, shareable slideshow)
Disqus (comment functionality)


TextWrangler (text editor for Mac)
Notepad++ (text editor for Windows)
Brackets (text editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux)
Setting up TextEdit for editing plain text
Wikipedia: HTML
w3schools (tutorials) (tutorials)
HTML Dog (tutorials)
HTML Sandbox (tutorials)
Codecademy (tutorials)
HTML Code (tutorials)
Web-source (reference chart)


Markdown Basics
Markdown Cheatsheet
Original Spec