Photo by Glenda Quiring

I am Tyler Quiring. I have a background in media production and now I research and teach about communication. My interests include online/interactive media and ecology/sustainability. I am most pleased when I can use media production and communication research in tandem to explore pressing sustainability issues.


Email: tyler.quiring [at]
Twitter: @tylerdq_
Unsplash: @tylerdq

About the Symbol

The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. As a four-dimensional "hypercube," it cannot be seen by human eyes, but it can be indirectly visualized in other ways. Here, the tesseract's net is envisioned in its unfolded form, analogous to the "t" shape of a cube with its planes laid flat. Standing for the first letter of my name, this three-dimensional "t" is itself constructed of cubic building blocks in a sculptural variation on my name's meaning: "builder of tiles." In this space, a compositionist ethic meets a commitment to working across myriad dimensions.